How to Remove Pet Odor from Carpet – Natural Vs. Cleaner

Well Messes happens, and this is normal for like every single pet owner out there, that’s why we’re here to discuss how you can remove pet odor from carpet permanently. You don’t need any professional service to call and allow them to charge you in thousands to do the work.

Then what?

Searching the solution online is one of the best things to consider in this case when you don’t want to spend much. By searching online, you will get results from the experiences of different people since you are reading this article, that’s what you are doing right. We have the methods which will help you to rid out of those smells.

How to Remove Pet Odor & Stains

How to Remove Pet Odor from Carpet

We’ll discuss two different methods which work for 98% of the pet owners, and they’re able to eradicate the smell from carpet or any other furniture in the house. So, why it won’t work for you? If you take the precautionary measures and follows the methods exactly, you’ll able to remove pet odors from carpets. The two ways which we will discuss briefly are

  1. Home Remedies/Natural Equipments.
  2. Carpet Cleaning solution/chemical with the machine.
Note: Before moving we would like to share the most important thing, when the accident happens don’t get panic and start using a steamer on it. This could increase the problem!

1. Home Remedies/Natural Equipment

To eradicate the odors and stains from the carpet using the homemade items, all you need to follow the steps exactly. Collect the items mentioned below before getting into the stuff.

  • Towels.
  • Baking Soda.
  • Vacuum.

Now, after you have gathered all of the essential cleaning tools, try to use these steps to achieve your goal.


If your carpet is wet because of your dog or any other pet just peed there, try our hack to remove pet urine & the odor from the carpet. Use the towels from the list to blot out any wet substance from the stained area and make it dry as you can. This will make it easier for natural chemicals to interact with the bare part of the stain easily and make the cleaning more effective. When the chemicals go deep into the carpet, it will automatically remove the odor and the stains as well. The dry substance is the thing that makes the smell and carpet worse over time, we need to remove it!

Blot the carpet but never RUB, We repeat never RUB

Well, rubbing causes the stain to spread and makes it more challenging to clean. We just need to blot until the spot is dry and try to get rid of it ASAP.


You should need to wet the carpet or the affected area first just spray it with water and then you can apply the baking soda on it. Yes, use it right away don’t be alarmed if you hear some fizzing or cackling in the start this is an indication of the baking soda doing its work. The idea behind it is that baking soda hastens the breaking of pet feces and urine from carpet strands. After a few minutes can use a brush to scrub the dry pet stain from the rug, and you can see a great improvement.

 Safety Tips
  • Don’t use the baking soda in large amounts it could make your pet sick.
  • When you’re cleaning your carpet, make sure that children and pets are not around.

Some people recommend you to use vinegar, but we don’t, why?

We have mentioned before that we’ll only provide you with the solution that would be the best without any harm. So, we have tested vinegar on the carpet, but it doesn’t satisfy in term of safety. It could harm your carpet fibres, and the strong scent of the vinegar could invite your dog or cat to do the same shit again. We don’t recommend you to use heavy chemicals like ammonia or vinegar.

Instead, we recommend you to use the Pet odor neutralizer, which is an environmentally friendly option to use. You can directly spray that on the carpet that would remove the odor from your carpet. Check out our list of Best Pet Odor Neutralizer that we’ve reviewed for you!


Last but not least, use a vacuum cleaner on the carpet so it can suck the crushed particles deep from the carpet which were creating the bad smell. These small particles are often left behind in hand cleaning and can leave a very faint smell of urine which is just yucky! So if you want your carpet look good as new without any bad odor, make sure you have followed the steps the same as mentioned above.

Environment friendly chemicals

2. Carpet Cleaning solution with the machine

If you would like to do the stuff more professionally, we would recommend using a carpet cleaning machine along with the recommended chemical. That machine will take care of your rug/carpet, stains and the odors. You don’t need to do extra work. If you don’t have the machine, we have reviewed the best pet carpet cleaning machines, have a look by clicking HERE.

With those machines you can use the enzyme formula which also have scents like Febreze scents that would be the cherry on the cake. But you must consider the chemical which is environment friendly that won’t hurt the carpet nor the pets. Some of them use high strength ingredients that leave a mark on carpet or are unsafe to use around small pets. So always keep that in mind.

Check out our list of Eco-Friendly Chemicals.

They use mostly organic and safe ingredients this is why they have increased cleaning times. Natural elements take more time in removing stains. It is a significant advantage in the long run as environmentally friendly options don’t damage the carpets. This means you can have a long carpet life with these products.

The Infographics provided below gives you a complete summary of how to remove odor from carpet.

How to Remove Pet Odor from Carpet
Infographics: How to Remove Pet Odor from Carpet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you get rid of pet odor in carpet?

You should take this task seriously and professionally on your own what we recommend in this, that you should avoid using a steamer or any kind of other chemicals like vinegar because it makes worst for you. The steamer heat can leave the stain & odor permanently. You should use a recommended pet odor neutralizer, with the cleaner.

Make sure that bad smell is gone, because if your pet finds their scent again, they will continue the process. You must check the padding under the carpet isn’t affected, if so, you need a bit more of cleaning.

How do you get dog urine smell out of carpet permanently?

This is the most common thing every dog owner, or we can say every pet owner is facing. Pets sometimes do things owners don’t like, peeing on the carpet is one of them. This usually happens with newly born or untrained pets. So when this thing happens, don’t start scrubbing immediately, work smart not hard! Go get your pretreated formula if you have spray on the stain and then start cleaning with the carpet cleaner. You can use the formulas that include Febreze or ocean breeze scent with the machine that helps you to rid out of your dog’s urine smell from the carpet.

Why does my carpet smell worse after cleaning?

It depends on the method you applied, have you used these methods which we have mentioned above? Also, there is a possibility that the carpet’s underlying got wet, which is causing a bad smell. Dry the padding and shampoo the carpet again to kill all the stains and odors.

How can I make my carpet smell better naturally?

Let the carpet dry and do not use a steamer on the stain. You can use baking soda on the carpet so it can go deep into the carpet and remove the stains and odor. After that vacuum the carpet and you’ll see the results. Follow our proper guide, HERE!

Does vinegar get the smell out of the carpet?

Yes, it could help you to remove the odor, but there are a couple of cons using vinegar on the carpet. The biggest drawback that you might get from applying them is your carpet smelling like lemons for a week. It could also damage your carpet, and the smell of it could attract your pet to pee again on the same area.


The main thing is to use products that are suitable for your situation. If you live alone using chemicals might be more comfortable and cheaper. If you live in a house with adults and children using an environment-friendly option or just the everyday old home remedies might be better for you. The important thing is to use what you think is best for you. But you must also train your Pets so they won’t ruin your stuff in future. I hope this article helped you in making decisions on how to remove pet odor from carpet.

Last Updated on April 1, 2021

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